The Excitement and Adventure of going to my Best Friend’s Wedding

I never thought that I would be living in another corner of the world when my best friend in India would decide to get married with the guy she fell in love with. Yes, she found the guy who makes her believe in love, fairy tales, magic and most of all, he makes her the most happy I have known her to be. Lucky her! But what am I doing? Well, I flew from New York to china, sitting at the airport, waiting to board my next flight to India to surprise her, that is my wedding gift to her. Yes, she does not know that I am going to be there with her on her big day, standing right beside her.

I have known this girl since I was in 6th Grade in School, we use to practice Taekwondo together and I think we just glided well since our first interaction. Just a few days after, she holds my hand, takes me to the corner and says, will you be my best friend? Honestly, I do not really remember what I replied to her that time, but I guess 17 years down the line, I am here waiting so eagerly to get back to my hometown to surprise her, I think my answer would have been sort of a yes.


You see, initially I was not planning to attend her wedding, mostly because I am a 26 yrs old lucky asshole who has had the opportunity to travel, live and work around the world but always like a student who survives not on salaries but on stipends. Stipends are good enough for me to survive but not enough to save, be stable or to make frequent travels and that too literally from one corner of the world to the other. And anyone who has lived like an independent student will understand what I mean when I say I live abroad. So, it was pretty difficult to make the decision of coming to her wedding.

So, What changed my Mind?

Monotony of life kills me. Even 4 continuous days, when they go by without something interesting happening, I mean the usual going to work and coming back days, they make me question the whole existence, the world, this life and I am stuck with this question of why? And there was this one usual day, I was thinking about her and I thought to myself … How would it be if on my wedding day, I will be missing the closest people in my life. Then, I thought, she is my best friend since grade 6… we have always been together, done almost everything together, seen each other grow and change into adults together and that missing this event will be like missing one big and important adventure of both of our lives. Plus, its not like she is going to get married twice or thrice ( My friends in the US will say, well there is 70-80 % chance that she most certainly will … ha-ha) but well, I am pretty sure that she will not. That’s it, I just knew I had to go, its just money, I will only have to find a way to earn some extra money and save in order to buy tickets and its going to be more than the worth of it. So that’s what I did.

My instinct of a moneymaker came to existence in the U.S., I thought of all possible things I could do to make money in order to save money for the flight tickets. I ended up doing dog walking, dog sitting, baby-sitting and saved money to pay off the flight ticket and honestly I loved the extra jobs that I did after work. I used to get exhausted because, it demanded extra effort, energy and work after the official work hours. I swear I felt like a labor physically and mentally exhausted but I promise, I had the most amazing sleeps because of that. Working like that gave me these little kicks because I would have never been able to do things like that in India without being judged or looked down upon: D. You know what I mean!!! I think it made me reaffirm my belief that no job is small. All in all, I was earning, sleeping well and enjoying a lot.

Excitement Level

My excitement level is beyond what I have experienced in a long time, I have been counting days since the day I booked my tickets. I am excited to surprise her, to see my family, to be with her and enjoy a week back home. And to add the cherry on top of the cake, I saw this most beautiful and the perfect looking Punjabi boy at Pudong Airport in Shanghai.

He spoke Punjabi like he was straight out of a little town in Punjab and looking at him rang a lot of bells in my little heart making me think of all the Punjabi heroes in past and what they must have been like: for eg, Bhagat singh, Milkha Sing, Guru Nanak Sahab etc. For me, in that moment, he was a perfect mixture of all those heroes put together. I literally started talking and thinking in Punjabi. That is the effect he had on me. My eyes and me, we both just enjoyed and were allured by him for a while. Off course, I lost him after a while, as I got busy with my writing. But soon after I landed in Delhi, I was picking up my luggage and said to God, this guy was so pretty, if you wish you can show me his last glance and to my surprise, he was standing right behind me. I had to tell him how beautiful he looked.

Expert in embarrassing myself, I took the step and walked up to him with my luggage trolley and Punjabi came out of my mouth. I said ”Tussi vadde sone munde ho” Meaning you are very handsome man and I added to that “I had to embarrass myself and tell you that”. Just after I finished my last sentence, I rushed to move out. He said thank you and people around me stared at me and laughed, I also giggled and said, what the hell did I just do. But well, honestly I did not care, I enjoyed, I told him what I wanted to tell him  and took a cab outside to head back home.

Life and Reflection

I also got very emotional sitting at the airport while writing and reflecting on life. I think that these small little decisions in your life are the ones that make it adventurous and worth living for by making it more exciting, memorable, funny, surprising etc. otherwise it becomes a monotony.

We all should do things we have never done. We should grab the moment and should be crazy. We should embarrass ourselves more often and absolutely not think of what other people might think of us. We should make decisions we have no idea of how to actually make them happen. We should do small things that make us happy in life. We should dream big in life. We should be Stupid at times.

Life is all about experiences and sharing those experiences with others. It is about living those moments while experiencing them and finding happiness in those moments so we can cherish them for life.

Give, Share, Love, Surprise, Do, Appreciate, Create, Moments… I think this is Life.

My Wish for my Best Friend

I wish her the most amazing life coming in her future, most beautiful and strong relationship that last more than a lifetime, the courage to have the trust to create a strong family, blessing of good health, love and peace of heart. May you both inspire and make each better people.

YES  🙂




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